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Spanish Black Ripe Olives

Black Ripe Olives are processed Green Olives which have been cured in water and sodium hydroxide. The sodium hydroxide sufficiently penetrates the meat of the olive to its pit completely removing the oleuropein giving the olive a mild ripe taste. During processing, air is pumped through the curing vats resulting in oxidation of the olives giving them their ripe color. The olives are then passed through multiple fresh water rinsing with added ferrous gluconate to catch the vibrant black color. The canning process is as critical to the stability of the olive as the curing process. Pasteurized at 127 C for 12 to 14 minutes before canning and then sterilized in the can to seal in freshness and eliminate any potential for anaerobic bacteria. Available as Medium Pitted and Sliced Ripe Olives.

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