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The Spanish Manzanilla Olive (Olea europa pomiformis)

Stuffed Manzanilla Olives
Salad Manzanilla Olives
Pitted Manzanilla Olives
Sliced Green Olives
Sliced Green with Pimento
The fruit is medium sized, yielding on average 200-280 olives/Kg and has a flesh to stone ratio of 6:1. It is apple-shaped, thin skinned and its flesh has an excellent texture. It is light green-colored spotted with tiny whitish dots and matures to a black shade with a hint of violet.

The Spanish Queen Olive (Olea europa regails)

Stuffed Queen Olives
Pitted Queen Olives
Plain Queen Olives
Also known as Gordal, the fruit is large, yielding on average 100-120 olives/Kg with a flesh-to-stone ratio of 7.5:1. Ellipsoidal in shape, it has an indent at the stem that gives it a slight heart-shaped form. The epidermis is thin and speckled with characteristic white markings; the flesh has an agreeable texture and is a fairly light-green color, changing to purplish-black when ripe.

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