Orleans Packing - Importers & Packers of Mediterranean Specialty Foods

About Us

A Hands On Approach

As a family business, our stakes are higher when it comes to integrity, dedication and commitment to our customers and our products. Our hands-on approach helps to ensure consistent high quality in each and every one of our products, which we import, package and private label. Orleans Packing maintains strong supplier relationships to ensure our products are of the highest quality and are safe. For many years, we have been HACCP and GMP certified but in 2019 Orleans Packing made the leap to SQF certification, a GFSI based food safety system. This helps guarantee our products are the safest they can be for our customers.

Our niche product line focuses on the Mediterranean region and includes: olives, capers, specialty peppers, vegetables, sun dried tomatoes and bar items.

A Boston-Based Company

Because we are based in the US, we can offer unique price advantages that our international counterparts cannot do. Our Boston based inventory ensures on-time shipping, hassle-free ordering and easy communication. We are committed to food safety that is above and beyond industry standards.

About our Barrels

Our olives are shipped and sometimes even cured in 3/16″ UV protected food grade polyethylene, 60 gallon drum containers. Many of these shipping drums are repurposed and re-used into a complete water collection system by the Great American Rain Barrel Company right here at our food importing plant in Hyde Park, MA. Given the natural synergy with our import business and the environmental implications, the Great American Rain Barrel Company was formed over 30 years ago by Suzanne Gebelein, wife of George Sr. Today these barrels are sold and distributed nationwide.e'd love to hear from you. Contact us today to see how we can help with your product needs.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers with uncompromising integrity and personal attention. We have been told by our customers that the OPC team is "easy to work with" and will work with them to find a customized solution that fits their needs.

Our Staff


Back in 1989 George Gebelein, who was working in manufacturing, received a call from his father father-in-law, who said "George, Frankie wants out. You're going to buy Orleans Packing Co." George responded, "What is Orleans Packing, and who is Frankie?" Little did he know in a few short months that OPC would become his life.


George’s son, George IV, joined the team in 2015, making the office ever more confusing when someone yelled George! He had previous worked as an engineer in the oilfield so he used his organizational and quality skills to help operate the business and act as it’s quality control manager.