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Amfissa – Greek Black Olives

Grown for both black and green olives—and also for olive oil—the Amfissa is a popular Greek olive grown exclusively in regions of Central Greece. The youthful green Amfissais briny and buttery with a tart citrusy brilliance perfect for perking up Greek mezze platters and beyond.

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Moroccan Oil Cured Olives

Oil-cured olives begin life as ripe (black) olives. They're first dry-cured in salt, which makes them less bitter while concentrating and enhancing their flavors. Next, the salt is removed, and the olives are soaked in oil, which is sometimes flavored with spices and herbs, adding other layers of flavor.

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Sicilian Style Olives

The Sicilian Style Olive is a domestic olive grown in California. it is a large, pale, brownish-green color with an assertive sour taste and dense flesh. It is easy to pit if brined for a while. These olives are cured in brine only, without the use of lye or sugar for nine months.

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