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  • Amfissa – Greek Black Olives

    Amfissa – Greek Black Olives

    Grown for both black and green olives—and also for olive oil—the Amfissa is a popular Greek olive grown exclusively in…

  • Moroccan Oil Cured Olives

    Moroccan Oil Cured Olives

    Oil-cured olives begin life as ripe (black) olives. They're first dry-cured in salt, which makes them less bitter while concentrating…

  • Sicilian Style Olives

    Sicilian Style Olives

    The Sicilian Style Olive is a domestic olive grown in California. it is a large, pale, brownish-green color with an…

  • Imported Black Ripe Olives

    Imported Black Ripe Olives

    Oil-cured olives used in salads, cocktails and appetizers.

  • Greek Kalamata Olives

    Greek Kalamata Olives

    The Kalamata olive is a large black or brown olive with a smooth, meaty texture named after the city of…

  • Imported Queen Olives

    Imported Queen Olives

    This plump, green olive is known for its large size and pimento filling. Like the Spanish Manzanilla, the Queen is…

  • Imported Manzanilla Olives

    Imported Manzanilla Olives

    A manzanilla olive is a small to medium sized green olive that is cured in brine and has firm textured…