Orleans Packing - Importers & Packers of Mediterranean Specialty Foods

Back in 1989 George Gebelein, who was working in manufacturing, received a call from his father father-in-law, who said "George, Frankie wants out. You're going to buy Orleans Packing Co." George responded, "What is Orleans Packing, and who is Frankie?" Little did he know in a few short months that OPC would become his life.

Throughout the 90s and 2000's, George grew Orleans Packing from a business that was about to go under, with only 2 customers, to a thriving enterprise that services customers throughout New England and across the USA from the small plan in East Boston.

In 1995, George moved the business to Hyde Park, MA to a large plant with, easy access and state of the art technology. This allowed the business to flourish. This change gave OPC the facility and space to meet the ever-changing needs of the food industry and focus on quality control and food safety.

George also used the new Hyde Park location to become a high speed co-packing facility. Orleans Packing now warehouses products for customers from its easy-access location right off I-95, inside Boston.  George now has his son, George 4, to help him manage the reins and keeps OPC up to do date with trends in the packing world, food universe and modernizing equipment. George’s wife, Suzanne, also works at OPC along with a staff of longtime, dedicated employees who are the life blood of OPC.